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Air Brake Valves

  • S310010 - Differential Valve

    S310010 - Differential Valve

    The 310010 is a relay valve with delivery that can be higher than the control signal. This output differential can be adjusted to deliver from 0 to 25 PSI greater than the control signal up to a maximum reservoir pressure. The differential pressure is...

  • S780215 - Control Valve S780215 - Control Valve

    S780215 - Control Valve

    The S780215 is a control valve commonly used to disable the flow into devices such as brake chambers or valves. When the pilot port is pressurized flow will cease and allow delivery pressure back into the inlet port. Operating Environment: Maximum...

  • Relay Valve (RVKN28080)

    RVKN28080 - Relay Valve

    Supply (2): 1/2"Delivery (4): 3/8"Control (1): 3/8"Crack Pressure: 7.0± 1 PSIRepair Kit: RN10HBOEM Part Number: N30096N Used to apply and release service brakes on tractor or trailer, Cover may be rotated without affecting warranty or...

  • Hand Valve (S5900G1)

    S5900G1 - Hand Valve

    Part Number Handle Mounting Kit Mounting 5900 110176 110174 Column 5900-1 None None Dash 5900B 110176 110182 Dash 5900G 110153 110174 Column S5900G1 110152 110174 Column 5900L 110149 110174 Column 5900R None 110174 Rem. Column 110436...

  • LSAS Valve (S138000)

    S138000 - LSAS Valve

    Part Number Ports(NPT) Comments S138000 1/4"   138010 1/4 Exhaust Breather And 3/8" Tube Fittings Installed - Prevents Overload Damage When Lifted Axles Are Not Dropped. - Deployment Trigger Pressure Range From 25 to 75 PSI...

  • Spring Brake Control Valve (S110800)

    S110800 - Spring Brake Control Valve

    Part Number Supply Port (NPT) Control Port (NPT) Reservoir Port (NPT) Delivery Ports (4) (NPT) Notes S110800 3/8" 3/8" 1/2" 3/8" Spring Brake Priority - The S110800 includes a relay feature that dramatically lowers the...